Baby wearing 101

Okay, as promised here’s a video of how I wrap my Tuck and Bundle wrap and get baby all snuggled in there.  This took for-freaking-ever to do, because apparently my kids hate me making videos.  Every time I started to film or edit, they lost their minds.  So after like 5 attempts, this is as good as it gets.

A few things I want to mention, I love my Tuck and Bundle because the fabric is so breathable.  It’s beyond humid here in the summer, and my kids are little hot boxes, and I’m not trying to sweat everywhere, ya know.  Also, if I know I’m going somewhere that I’ll be wearing J, I will tie my wrap up before I go because it saves me so much time and hassle.  I realize this sounds like common sense but it took me like 2 months to realize that was an option.  And I mention it in the video, but I think the key is tying it tighter than you think you need it! The fabric itself will stretch a bit, so when you tie it tighter, it makes for a more secure fit, which I think makes all the difference.

Leave me a comment if you have any questions.  I hope this helps!


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