Baby must haves: infant bather

Today, I’m sharing with you my favorite baby bather that I have found! Only took me three tries, but I finally got it right for the last kid.

I never invested in a baby tub because I thought it was a waste of time.  For my first baby, I bought one of those sponges that they lay on.  Which worked fine, but wasn’t ideal when they started wanting to sit up a little more.  On top of that, even when I would wring it out, it still took forever to dry, and I never found a good spot to put it while drying out.  Then for my second baby, we got a seat that they could sit up in that had different recline options.  I felt like it always sat too upright, and there wasn’t anything to keep him from sliding right down.  So every couple of minutes, I would slide him back up, and he would slowly slide back down.  Sometimes, I didn’t want to bend over in the bathtub, but it also made counter top baths really challenging because there was nothing to catch the water and it just made a huge mess.  This clean rinse baby bather solved all these problems and I am here for it.  Anything that makes mama’s life easier, makes everyone’s lives easier, amiright?


The design allows water to drain throughout the bath, which makes it perfect for the counter, bathtub or sink. Because the material is quick drying, I don’t have to leave it out forever waiting for it to dry, worrying about mold (because that’s pretty much all I think about every time I see a bath toy).  Once I’m done cleaning baby girl up and getting her settled, I come back and the tub itself is nearly dry already.  A quick wipe with a towel and it is good to be put away for the next use.  It also has three recline positions, and folds up flat so it makes it easy to store.

The three recline positions support her as she gets closer and closer to sitting up on her own.  The little notch at the bottom keeps her legs and body from sliding down so I don’t have to constantly reposition her.  Plus the material in the middle is kind of like a silicone, not a hard plastic, so it’s not really slippery, but also not super sticky.  It is perfect to keep her from sliding around.

It’s made bath time around here a breeze! I can bathe her at the bathroom sink while the boys play in the tub, knocking out three baths at once. Which means I’m spending less time on bedtime routines and more time with them actually in bed, which is a win for moms everywhere.


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