Baby wearing 101

Okay, as promised here’s a video of how I wrap my Tuck and Bundle wrap and get baby all snuggled in there.  This took for-freaking-ever to do, because apparently my kids hate me making videos.  Every time I started to film or edit, they lost their minds.  So after like 5 attempts, this is as good as it gets. Continue reading “Baby wearing 101”

A letter to my second born.

Dear second born child,

Truthfully, I feel like I hardly gave you a thought before you got here. My mind was so worried about your brother and how he would feel and how he would adjust. Your “nursery” is basically a junk room with a changing table in it. Your clothes (read your hand me downs) weren’t washed, then folded and sorted. The house wasn’t cleaned and neatly organized to welcome you. Read more


Hi guys! So here’s the deal.  I’ve always wanted to start a blog (a real blog, not like a live journal that I had in high school to vent about all my feels), but I’ve talked myself out of it over and over again.  After just thinking about it for like three years, I’m taking the plunge.  If nothing else, at least I’ll have some place to put my words instead of in my long AF instagram captions that no one wants to read, amirite? But I’ll share with you my why’s and goals. read more!